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Halle Berry hated the movie Catwoman so much she showed up in person to accept her Razzie award. In her acceptance speech she said "I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in a piece of shit god-awful movie." (Speech starts at 2:25)

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The film The Shawshank Redemption remains one of the most valuable assets in Warner Brothers catalog (which has several multi-billion dollar movie franchises) and Bob Gunton (the warden) still makes six figures a year from it.

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  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger pays Warner Brothers $1 a year to keep his Mr. Freeze costume

  2. Longtime Looney Tunes animator Chuck Jones hated Space Jam, so much that when Warner Brothers asked him to give a speech at a dinner for the Space Jam producers, he tried to give his honest opinion in a polite manner, but got escorted off the lot by security

  3. Warner Brothers shut down an entire publisher that they owned and destroyed almost all their stock, just to prevent Noam Chomsky & Edward Herman from publishing a book critical of US foreign policy

  4. Gene Wilder considers Tim Burton's Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake to be an insult from Warner Brothers

  5. After a screening of Pink Floyd The Wall, Steven Spielberg turned to the head of Warner Brothers and said “What the fuck was that?”

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  6. When filming the movie "Space Jam", Warner Brothers built an indoor gym nicknamed the "Jordan Dome". MJ used it to get back into playing shape for his return by playing pickup games against other NBA players and celebrities

  7. Matt LeBlanc Dislocated his Shoulder during the filming of an episode of Friends, where the audience was made up of Pepsi contest winners. The set was shut down meaning Warner Brothers had to fly the winners home and then back out for another episode.

  8. Warner Brothers hated the name "Beetlejuice", and urged Tim Burton to change it to something clever. Burton jokingly suggested calling the movie "Scared Sheetless" and was horrified when the studio actually liked it.

  9. In 2002 the Warner Brothers considered making a live-action Johnny Bravo movie, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson staring as Johnny Bravo

  10. Warner Bros sued an Indian film called "Hari Putter" and lost. Two reasons the court ruled against Warner Brothers is because "Hari" is a Hindi word with religious connotations and "Puttar" is a Hindi word for son. The film was about a boy who was left "home alone."

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After Free Willy was so successful, Warner Brothers Studios led an effort to find Keiko the Orca a better home

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Switch was originally supposed to be a women in The Matrix, but a man in the real world. She was instead presented androgynously after Warner Brothers rejected the idea. - source

When Warner Brothers hired Paul Reubens to write a Pee-wee Herman film in 1985, his original idea was to remake the Disney movie “Pollyanna” but halfway through writing, he noticed everyone at Warner Bros. had a bike with them. This inspired him to start a new script about Pee-wee and his bike. - source

Kirk Douglas agreed to act in the movie "The Big Trees" for free in exchange for Warner Brothers agreeing to release him from his long-term contract.

In the cult classic movie "Troll," a boy named Harry Potter defeated a powerful wizard who was cursed with a grotesque form after starting a war with humans and other magical beings. Warner Brothers warned the producers about copyright infringement if they were to remake the movie. - source

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In 1992, Nike made a Super Bowl commercial where an animated Bugs Bunny played basketball with a real-live Michael Jordan. The commercial was so successful that Warner Brothers decided to turn it into a whole movie (Space Jam).

How long is the warner brothers studio tour?

Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood was founded in 1918 by four brothers from Ohio.

When Warner Brothers formed, the Ottoman Empire was still a thing.

When Hal B. Wallis, producer of Casablanca got up to accept his award for Best Picture, Jack L. Warner (who had no connection to Casablanca) rushed up to the stage and accepted it himself. This action would lead to Hal leaving Warner Brothers.

The happy birthday song was used to be owned by Warner Brother and they Earned $2 million a year until only last year when it was declared the song would become public domain.

While filming The Dukes of Hazard Warner Brothers totaled an average of two General Lees an episode.

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Sam Warner was the strongest advocate of sound films of the four Warner Brothers, but died a day before first 'talkie,' The Jazz Singer, was premiered in New York, causing the other three brothers to be unable to attend the premiere as they had to hurry back to California for his funeral.

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Looney Tunes was created to promote Warner Brother's music catalog in the 1930s. That's why it's "Tunes" and not "Toons

Madrid has its own version of Disney World, called Warner Brothers Movie World.

Prince changed his name to the unpronounceable “symbol of love” after he realized the word "Prince" was owned by Warner Brothers. Once the contract expired, Prince was free to go back to his birth name.

In 1999, Warner Brothers contracted Under Armour to have their gear shown in the movie "Any Given Sunday." This partnership is what really caused Under Armour's growth.

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In 1992, to promote the premiere of "Animaniacs," the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank CA placed a huge balloon of Yakko Warner on top of its iconic water tower. But the president of the studio, unaware of the promotion, ordered the balloon removed thinking it was a giant Mickey Mouse.

The Artist Formerly Know as Prince was erroneously put in the credits of 1996’s Fargo as part of a snide, inside joke with his ongoing feud with Warner Bros. The Coen Brothers and Prince were buds.

Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask and is paid a licensing fee for every sale.

AT&T owns CNN, HBO, Turner, DC entertainment, Warner Brothers, and New Line Cinema

The Russian government attempted to sue Harry Potter creators Warner Brothers because Dobby the house elf was apparently based on Pútin

Warner Brothers (Apr. 4, 1923), Walt Disney Company (Oct. 6, 1923), Columbia Pictures (Jan. 10, 1924) and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (April 17, 1924), were all founded in just over a year.


There is a town in Turkey named "Batman." They actually tried to sue Warner Brothers for using the name without permission. The lawsuit was tossed out.

For Warner Brothers to make a 6.5 minute full animation cartoon it took 125 people 9 months and over $50,000

Each year the stars of the TV series FRIENDS earn $20 million each through syndication rights with Warner Brothers.

The founders of the Warner Brothers and MGM animation divisions (Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising) and the man responsible for creating several Looney Tunes characters (Friz Freling) all used to work at Laugh-O-Gram Studios, a company created by Hugh Harman's brother (Fred Harman) and Walt Disney.

The whole concept of dialog in movies came from an ab lib. In the 1927 movie, "The Jazz Singer", Warner Brothers intended people to sing, not to talk. "Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothin' yet" was not in the script, because scripts with dialog did not exist.

The reason The Drew Carey Show doesn't exist on DVD after the first season is the fact that the show's owner (Warner Brothers) doesn't own the copyright to the songs used in the episodes.

In 2008, the mayor of Batman, a town in Turkey, sued Warner Brothers for using the name "Batman" as the name of the Caped Crusader

Warner Brothers was founded before the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Warner Brothers once again screwed over it's customers with empty promises. Their FB page is being bombed with poor reviews.

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