Finding accommodation in Amsterdam - (2023)

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Finding accommodation in Amsterdam - (1)

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Last modified on 13-01-2023

In the Netherlands, students are responsible for finding their own accommodation. Finding a student room in Amsterdam is extremely difficult and the demand for student rooms is high. The International Student Housing Office can offer some international students a room, but unfortunately not all.

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How to find housing in Amsterdam as an international student? ›

Websites for finding student accommodation
  1. connects students with rooms, studios and apartments. ...
  2. Kamernet is a large search engine of rental apartments and rooms. ...
  3. KamersAmsterdam (in Dutch) features a range of affordable, student-friendly rooms in Amsterdam.

How to find housing in Netherlands as an international student? ›

Finding student housing
  1. DUWO. Search for furnished and unfurnished rooms in the regions of Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Leiden and Deventer at ...
  2. Housing Anywhere. With Housing Anywhere you search for rooms in more than 300 cities worldwide. ...
  3. Airbnb. Do you prefer to live like a local? ...
  4. Nestpick. ...
  5. The Student Hotel.

How to find student accommodation in the Netherlands? ›

Some good places for finding student housing online include:
  1. Facebook groups.
  2. Your university housing office (for short-term contracts)
  3. Studentenwoningweb.
  4. Kamernet (rooms, studios, and apartments in all of the Netherlands)
Feb 21, 2023

Does University of Amsterdam have student accommodation? ›

Locations and room types All UvA student housing is located off-campus, at various locations in Amsterdam and Diemen.

How much does the average student rent in Amsterdam? ›

The average monthly rent in Amsterdam for a single student ranges between 500 and 1000 €. Renting your private space would cost around INR 60,000, while sharing a room with a colleague or classmate would cost around INR 45,000.

Where do most students live in Amsterdam? ›

Best Locations for Students in Amsterdam
  • The Pijp (De Pijp) Located south of the city center, De Pijp is a lively and diverse neighborhood popular among students. ...
  • Jordaan. Located in the heart of the city, Jordaan is a charming neighborhood for students. ...
  • Amsterdam Noord. ...
  • Uilenstede in Amstelveen.
Jan 16, 2023

Do international students get accommodation? ›

As a first year international student, some universities guarantee first year international students accommodation. However, you will still need to meet strict deadlines for confirming and paying a deposit to secure your place.

Can international students get housing allowance in Netherlands? ›

International students can be entitled to rent allowance in the Netherlands if they comply with certain conditions. For instance, they need to be renting an independent accommodation, be registered in the Netherlands and comply with other requirements.

Are international students eligible for rent allowance Netherlands? ›

What is rent benefit/housing allowance/huurtoeslag? Rent Benefit is a monthly allowance provided by the Dutch government to subsidise low-income earners or students; luckily, international students are also included! The allowance year is from 1st January to 1st January of the following year.

How much is the student hotel Amsterdam? ›

With prices starting at 875 euros a month for a single room, the concept of The Student Hotel is inclusive in the literal sense. Dutch students, for example, can currently take a maximum monthly loan of 1033 euro.

How to get accommodation in Netherlands? ›

Use Online Resources - There are many websites and online platforms that can help you find accommodation in the Netherlands. Some popular options include Kamernet, Pararius, and Housing Anywhere. These websites allow you to search for apartments, houses, and rooms for rent in your desired location.

How can international students rent? ›

As an international student renting an apartment, you won't have a credit score or the financial requirements needed to fulfill the landlord's requirements. However, a guarantor can help you out! A guarantor is usually a parent or friend who legally agrees to pay the rent to the landlord when you default.

Is Amsterdam a good city for international students? ›

It's an amazing place to study abroad. From its high-quality education to its big international community, there are many reasons to study in Amsterdam. In this article, we'll tell you all the benefits of studying in Amsterdam. The overall quality of Dutch higher education is among the best in the world.

Is Amsterdam expensive for international students? ›

In general, the monthly cost of living in the Netherlands for an international student will be around €800-1200. An average room will cost between €300 and €600, but keep in mind that small towns will generally be cheaper than cities and that the type of accommodation will also have an impact on the price.

What is the wait list for housing in Amsterdam? ›

In Amsterdam itself, the average waiting time for a rent-controlled home is 13 years. The long waits are down to the shortage of social housing – which has a rent of below €750 and has strict income requirements attached.

Is Amsterdam good for student life? ›

Students have voted Amsterdam the 5th best city in the world to live in ( City rankings 2019). It is also one of the safest capital cities in Europe.

What is a comfortable salary in Amsterdam? ›

The median gross expat salary in Amsterdam (2023) as reported by PayScale Inc is €51,000.

How much spending money do you need per day in Amsterdam? ›

The average daily budget for a trip to Amsterdam can vary depending on your travel style and preferences. However, a rough estimate for a budget traveler would be around €60-80 per day, while mid-range travelers can expect to spend around €100-150 per day.

Where to avoid staying in Amsterdam? ›

Other Areas

If you're visiting Amsterdam for a few days, I'd suggest avoiding places that might seem nearby, but in reality, they are neither pretty nor convenient. That said, do NOT stay in Diemen, Amstelveen, Bijlmar, or Zuid-Oost. Unless you want to bike the city center for at least 25 minutes.

Is the Netherlands student friendly? ›

The student culture in the Netherlands is very diverse and inclusive. Dutch students are known for being open-minded, tolerant, and friendly towards international students. There are many student organizations and clubs in the Netherlands that cater to different interests and hobbies.

Is Amsterdam expat friendly? ›

Relocating to the Amsterdam Area

It's easy for newcomers and expats to settle in, given the city's cosmopolitan spirit, rich cultural life and large international community – combined with a compact size to make getting around a breeze.

What accommodation options are available for international students? ›

Table of Content
  • On-Campus Accommodation.
  • Off-Campus Accommodation.
  • Homestay.
  • Shared Flat.
  • Private Apartments.

What types of accommodation are available for international students? ›

There are typically three types of student accommodation available for international students: Homestay, apartment living, and student dorms.

Where do international students stay? ›

There are multiple international student housing options you can choose from, including on-campus or off-campus dorms, apartments, and local homestays. Selecting your future home in the US requires careful planning and there are many factors to consider.

What is the average income of international students in Netherlands? ›

International students in the Netherlands can expect to earn between 6 and 10 euros per hour for a part-time job. Moreover, the Netherlands doesn't have a minimum wage nationwide. Students' range of salary depends on their age. For example, those who 21 years old or older earn an average of 10.6 euros per hour.

Is Netherlands good for international students? ›

The Dutch environment and people are very friendly towards foreign students and there are many English-taught programmes available. On our portals alone, you can find over 400 Bachelor's and 1,400 Master's degrees in the Netherlands.

What is the minimum wage for international students in Netherlands? ›

If you are an international student, you will be allowed to work from 10-16 hours per week in the Netherlands. As a part time working student, you can earn up to 20 Euros per hour which is equivalent to INR 1,700.

Can international students get free transport in Netherlands? ›

Overview. With the student travel product you can travel for free or at a reduced rate by train, tram, bus and metro throughout the Netherlands. You can choose either a weekday or a weekend subscription. You arrange the student travel product along with your student finance.

How long does it take to get the rent allowance in the Netherlands? ›

On average, the government needs 8 to 13 weeks to process your housing allowance application. You'll receive the housing allowance from the government in your personal Dutch bank account. Be sure to provide your IBAN number via 'MijnToeslagen' to receive the payments.

How can a student get free transport in the Netherlands? ›

The student travel product is part of your student finance. It allows you to travel by Dutch public transport for free or at a reduced rate. You can choose either a weekday or a weekend product. The student travel product can only be linked onto a personal OV-chipkaart.

Are hotels or Airbnb cheaper in Amsterdam? ›

Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels in Amsterdam? Generally speaking, a short-term rental will cost less than a classic hotel.

Why are hostels in Amsterdam so expensive? ›

Weekends Are Expensive: Hostels often raise their rates considerably because Amsterdam is such a weekend party destination so don't be surprised when booking Friday and Saturday nights.

What is The Student Hotel called? ›

The Social Hub (TSH) formerly known as The Student Hotel is a hybrid hospitality brand, offering spaces that combine student accommodation, hotel, extended stay rooms, co-working facilities, meeting and event spaces, restaurant, bars and gyms, all under one community and one roof.

Is it hard to find rent in Amsterdam? ›

The Amsterdam rental market is known as a “fast market”. The shortage of available housing and great demand for these properties means that apartments are on the market for only a few days before they're successfully rented. This means that potential renters need to act quickly if interested in a property.

How long can a foreigner stay in the Netherlands? ›

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. In many cases you will also have to apply for a long-stay visa before you travel to the Netherlands. This visa is also called an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV).

How much is student housing in the Netherlands? ›

Housing. An average room in the Netherlands costs somewhere between € 300 and € 600 a month. The costs depend on the city where you study, what is included in the rent and the arrangements made by the institution. Housing in Amsterdam for example is more expensive than in smaller towns such as Enschede.

What is proof of income for international students? ›

Bank statements or employer letter. Scholarship and financial aid letters. Investments or other assets. Government or other official agency funding.

Can a non US citizen rent an apartment? ›

You do not have to be a citizen to rent an apartment; non-U.S. citizens, including illegal immigrants, can rent an apartment. A landlord cannot legally deny a rental application based on country of origin, religious status, handicap, familial status, race, gender, or age.

Can international students rent Airbnb? ›

Yes, it is legal for an international student on a F1 visa to have income by renting his place through services like Airbnb. However, taxes must be collected and reported in accordance with the laws of the country where the rental property is located.

Is Amsterdam friendly to American tourists? ›

What is this? Yes, Amsterdam is generally safe and easy to navigate for travelers. While it's unlikely that anything wrong will happen during your visit, it's still important to be vigilant. Tourists are rarely the targets of violent crimes, but pickpockets and other scammers can take advantage of anyone.

Can an American go to college in the Netherlands? ›

You'll need a student residence permit to study in the Netherlands. Only a higher education institution recognized as a sponsor can apply for you. There are several requirements for applying for a student residence permit, including proof of registration at a higher education institution and income requirements.

Do you need to speak Dutch to study in Amsterdam? ›

This is absolutely no problem. You can stay here for as long as your tourist visa lasts without having to learn Dutch. And if you speak English, you will find that many Netherlanders speak English as a second language. But if you want to live in the Netherlands, you must learn Dutch.

How much bank balance is required for Netherlands student visa? ›

Netherlands student visa application form. Proof of enrollment or a letter of admission from a Dutch university. Proof of funds: you must show proof of having at least 900 Euros per month for the duration of your degree. This figure of minimum funds is updated by the IND twice every year.

How much is the toilet fee in Amsterdam? ›

Officially, most cafés will ask you for 50 cents if you use their toilets without buying something. However, you can decide to risk your dignity and sneak past the wait staff to the toilet in the back. Legally, they can't make you pay, though it is considered pretty rude.

Can international students work part time in Amsterdam? ›

Citizens of all other countries will need a work permit. Dutch immigration law restricts the number of hours you may work: International students may do seasonal work full-time (but only in June, July and August). International Students may work part-time throughout the year (but no more than sixteen hours a week).

What is the best housing website in Amsterdam? ›

Answer: The top 5 most popular Real Estate websites in Netherlands in April 2023 are:

Why is there a housing crisis in Amsterdam? ›

The primary cause is a shortage of housing, and of suitable housing. The Netherlands has more people, more people live in smaller households and the country is an estimated 390,000 homes short. At the same time, over the past decade, the country has simply not built enough.

What is the website for housing Netherlands? ›

Funda is the largest home search site in the Netherlands. About 6 out of 10 searches run through Funda. The housing site offers the possibility to track a house.

Can international students buy house in Netherlands? ›

The short answer is yes. The Netherlands does not place any restrictions on the purchase of property by foreigners, whether resident or non-resident. However, to get a mortgage you must live and be registered in the Netherlands.

Can international students apply for rent allowance in Netherlands? ›

What is rent benefit/housing allowance/huurtoeslag? Rent Benefit is a monthly allowance provided by the Dutch government to subsidise low-income earners or students; luckily, international students are also included!

Can an American buy a house in Amsterdam? ›

There are no restrictions placed on foreigners and non-Dutch residents buying property.

Can international students get permanent residency in Netherlands? ›

International graduates can apply for permanent residency once they can prove 5 years of lawful residence along with sufficient Dutch language skills and knowledge about Dutch culture. Half of the years as a student in the Netherlands is counted against the 5-year residence requirement.

Do international students pay tax in Netherlands? ›

You must pay taxes over your total income. If you receive a scholarship, this might be added to your salary. In the Netherlands, you must file your income taxes once each year.

Can you rent in the Netherlands without a job? ›

There's no legal reason why you can't get a flat without a job. Landlords will certainly want to check that you're able to pay the rent for the duration of the lease. As such, if you don't have a job yet, you might need to offer additional proof in order to rent.

How much does the student hotel cost in Amsterdam? ›

With prices starting at 875 euros a month for a single room, the concept of The Student Hotel is inclusive in the literal sense. Dutch students, for example, can currently take a maximum monthly loan of 1033 euro.


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