Thesis and graduation project - (2023)

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What is your study programme?

Thesis and graduation project - (1)

Last modified on 05-12-2022

This page contains general information about the thesis and graduation project: starting with the content of and when to start your thesis and ending with information to help you write, submit and publish your thesis. For specific rules and guidelines, see Canvas or ask your thesis supervisor.

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You're currently viewing general information. Choose your study programme to see additional information that's specific to your study programme, such as deadlines, regulations and contact details.

What is your study programme?

  • Key competences of Academic Writing

    As a student you often have to write texts. Academic writing is a skill you will develop during the course of your studies.

  • Help to find academic literature and research data

    To do research and write texts, you will need academic literature and/or research data. Where and how will you find good and relevant sources?

  • Help with academic writing

    If you want help or advice to improve your academic writing skills, the UvA offers free options to do so in both English and Dutch.

  • Help with methods and statistics

    Here we explain where you can find help when you have questions about methodology and statistics. We also list sources where you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

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  • Online Study Space: guided study sessions online and in the Library
  • Creating a study plan
  • Reading effectively
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Graduating, degree certificate and terminating your enrolment


Is graduation project a thesis? ›

A project involves curriculum or program development and applies theory to practice, while a thesis is a traditional research capstone where a candidate for an advanced degree gathers data, analyzes that data, and presents the results along with their interpretations.

What is the UvA thesis prize? ›

Each year, the best and most original Master's thesis written at the UvA is awarded the UvA Thesis Prize. This prize is an extra reward in addition to the university diploma.

What is the word limit for a bachelor's thesis? ›

It is important to learn concise writing. Hence, the thesis may not exceed 10,000 words (not including references). We generally recommend about 5,000 – 7,000 words for bachelor thesis and 9,000 – 10,000 words for master thesis.

Do all graduate students do a thesis? ›

Note that most master's degrees require the completion of a thesis for graduation. Some bachelor's degree programs even require students to write an undergraduate thesis, which is typically shorter and less in-depth than a master's degree thesis.

Is graduate thesis hard? ›

Writing a thesis or a dissertation can be a challenging process for many graduate students. There are so many chapters to complete, and writing each individual chapter requires an immense amount of hard work and a strong motivation.

Why is UVA so prestigious? ›

The University of Virginia is known for its academics. It's also famous for having a student body that's diverse and knows how to party and lead a Greek life. UVA takes pride in its historic founding and the fact that it's one of the few US institutions that are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How much is UVA graduate student stipend? ›

Graduate student workers receive a $2,000 stipend each month, which totals $24,000 of income each year. According to the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors, the average living wage in Charlottesville is $38,000 per year.

Does UVA require a thesis? ›

UVA does not require thesis or dissertation deposit to ProQuest, nor does UVA have an institutional agreement with ProQuest for such deposit.

Can I finish my thesis in 2 months? ›

Writing a master's thesis is completely possible to write a thesis within two months as long as you stay completely focused on your writing and you do a little bit every single day. I was able to write my thesis (master's and PhD) in approximately two months – but I did have some of the sections already prepared.

Is writing a thesis hard undergraduate? ›

All you have to do is to conduct extensive research, create an outline with all required parts, meet every requirement by the faculty, and write the paper. A thesis paper is a very difficult project to complete, no matter if it's under or postgraduate.

Do all undergraduates have to write a thesis? ›

Typically, a thesis or dissertation is required to complete a master's degree in the US. While it is not common, you may be expected to write a thesis to complete your bachelor's degree.

Can you still graduate if you fail thesis? ›

If you fail your undergraduate dissertation, you can still graduate as long as you have enough credits, although this may be with an ordinary degree. However, if you fail your master's dissertation or PhD thesis resubmission, you will not be allowed to graduate. The topic of failure is quite daunting for most students.

Can you get a masters degree without a thesis? ›

Yes. Master's programs focused more on application than research typically don't require a thesis – although they may still give students the option. Examples of common non-thesis master's programs include nursing, business, and education.

Can you get a PhD with a non-thesis Masters? ›

Not always. In the past a dissertation was required for a PhD, but a growing number of institutions have started to offer online doctoral programs no dissertation. Instead, students may complete a capstone project to demonstrate their knowledge and provide new contributions to the field.

How many students fail their thesis? ›

Anywhere from a third to half of those that enroll at a PhD university will not end up graduating and finishing their dissertation. In fact, the figure of 40%-50% of failing PhD students has been fairly stable over the past three decades.

How many pages is a graduation thesis? ›

Most dissertations are 100 to 300 pages in length. All dissertations should be divided into appropriate sections, and long dissertations may need chapters, main divisions, and subdivisions.

How many pages is a graduate thesis? ›

A master's thesis is generally 40-80 pages, not including the bibliography. However, the length will vary according to the topic and the method of analysis, so the appropriate length will be determined by you and your committee.

Is UVA a Tier 1 University? ›

Tier 2 schools include: USC, Washington University in St Louis, Tufts, Tulane, NYU, Boston University, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Notre Dame, Emory, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, UT Austin College of Natural Sciences, Boston College, Georgia Tech, William and Mary, UCLA, UC Berkeley, ...

Is UVA like an Ivy League? ›

The answer is yes. In fact, the high University of Virginia rankings indicate UVA's prestige. UVA is also considered one of the “public ivies.” This means that it has near-Ivy League quality academics without the high Ivy League price tag (particularly for in-state students).

What is a good GPA at UVA? ›

Average GPA: 4.32

This makes UVA Extremely Competitive for GPAs. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 4.32, UVA requires you to be at the top of your class. You'll need nearly straight A's in all your classes to compete with other applicants.

What College pays the highest PhD stipend? ›

Table 1. English PhD Standard Stipend Nationwide Comparison
InstitutionAmount (USD)Year
University of California, Berkeley$34,0002022–23
University of Southern California$34,0002022–23
Yale University$33,6002021–22
Cornell University$33,4842021–22
7 more rows

Can you live off a grad student stipend? ›

It is difficult to comfortably live alone on a stipend. Therefore, finding one or two roommates to help split housing and utility costs can be extremely helpful. Also, graduate students currently in the program can help you find roommates and explain options for affordable housing near campus.

How much does UVA pay for PhD? ›

All students admitted to the program are offered a financial support package, consisting of full tuition+fees, health insurance, and a base stipend of $30,000 ($24,000 academic year and $6,000 summer) for 5 years (contingent on satisfactory progress in the program).

Do you have to publish a thesis to get a PhD? ›

PhD students are expected to produce an original PhD thesis (check previous PhD Thesis Defenses), publish the results of their independent research in peer-reviewed academic journals, and present them at reputable international conferences.

What academics is UVA known for? ›

The most popular majors at University of Virginia include: Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Psychology; ...

Does your thesis belong to the University? ›

Such work must be solely produced by the student, and the thesis typically also contains a declaration specifying this. This implies that the work is owned by the student.

Can you write a thesis in 15 days? ›

The answer to this question is yes! You absolutely can write a thesis in 30 days. And you can write your thesis, from start to finish, without the emotional distress that often comes with such a monumental task. And, before you ask, no you're not going to pay anybody to write a thesis for you.

Can I write my thesis in 3 weeks? ›

It's doable. Even make it 500 words a day. If you start with three weeks to go, you can write 10,000 words in twenty days. But some days you will write more than others and your word count will be more like 15,000 by deadline day.

How long is a PhD thesis? ›

A PhD can be anywhere from 50 pages to over 450 pages long. This equates to between about 20,000 words to 100,000 words. Most PhD theses are between 60,000 and 80,000 words long excluding contents, citations and references.

What is the hardest part of thesis? ›

The introduction is the most difficult part since you are writing about what you are yet to fully dive into and it should therefore be the last section to be written.

Is thesis harder than capstone? ›

Thesis and capstone projects synthesize your overall learning, taking the knowledge you've gained throughout your program and applying it to your own research. A thesis, which often requires more intensive research than a capstone, may span multiple years depending on the level of the psychology program.

What is the hardest part of a thesis to write? ›

Opinions vary on what the hardest part of writing a dissertation is with many considering the introduction, interpretation of results and discussion as the hardest part. One often needs help with dissertation writing in such scenarios.

What does an undergraduate thesis look like? ›

Traditionally, the thesis is written in the format of a research paper with Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results (including tables and figures), Discussion, and References. Your research advisor may have additional requirements for your thesis, which you should discuss with her/him well ahead of the due date.

Is it OK to cite undergraduate thesis? ›

Here is the basic format for a reference list entry of an undergraduate thesis in APA style 7th edition: Author(s) of the thesis. (Year of publication). Title of the undergraduate thesis [Unpublished bachelor's thesis].

What is the purpose of the undergraduate thesis? ›

Its purpose is to the student's develop criticalness and ability to solve problems, allowing at the same time for creativity, experimenting, and original applications. In most cases, theses written at the Universities of Applied Sciences represent applied research and development serving their own operational areas.

What is a graduation project called? ›

The capstone project is usually the final assignment and plays a vital role in preparing students for the world of work thanks to its practical applications and ability to help hone students' professional knowledge and skills.

What is graduation project? ›

A Graduation Project is a formal assignment chosen by a student or small group of students on a topic related to the curriculum and involves out-of-class research and development.

What counts as a thesis? ›

What Is a Thesis? A thesis is a critically written scholarly piece of research work. Typically, it is submitted by students graduating from a master's program. The purpose of a thesis is to allow students to showcase their knowledge and expertise within the subject matter they have been studying as part of the program.

What is a thesis for graduation? ›

The dissertation or thesis is a scholarly treatise that substantiates a specific point of view as a result of original research that is conducted by students during their graduate study.

What happens at project graduation? ›

Project Graduation is a program offered by many high schools in the United States, in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation party, as an alternative to student-run events involving alcoholic beverages or drugs.

What is a final project in college called? ›

The capstone, also known as the capstone course or capstone project, comes at the conclusion of your bachelor's degree or master's degree program but is not a final exam or multiple-choice test.

How many pages is a graduation project? ›

There are several outlines accepted; each university has its own requirements. By and large, the graduation project consists of 4-5 chapters (roughly 45-50 pages).

What are the benefits of graduation project? ›

Graduation projects are projects that challenge seniors to showcase one's academic knowledge about what is learned throughout high school. These projects are extremely important because they show that the seniors are prepared for the future in college or out in the workforce.

What is the last project before graduation? ›

A senior thesis is a large, independent research project that students take on during their senior year of high school or college to fulfill their graduation requirement. It is the culminating work of their studies at a particular institution, and it represents their ability to conduct research and write effectively.

How do I choose a project topic for graduation? ›

The following are some crucial steps to help you make the best decision.
  1. 1: Know your interest area. Don't forget to choose a topic that falls in your interest area. ...
  2. 2: Beware of choosing your supervisor. ...
  3. 3: Focus what is on trending. ...
  4. 4: Strictly NO deadlock. ...
  5. 5: Sealing the topic.
May 10, 2021

Do all college students have a thesis? ›

Typically, a thesis or dissertation is required to complete a master's degree in the US. While it is not common, you may be expected to write a thesis to complete your bachelor's degree.

What 3 things should a thesis have? ›

A thesis statement generally consists of two parts: your topic, and then the analysis, explanation(s), or assertion(s) that you're making about the topic.

How long is a graduate thesis? ›

A master's thesis is generally 40-80 pages, not including the bibliography. However, the length will vary according to the topic and the method of analysis, so the appropriate length will be determined by you and your committee.

Do I need a thesis to graduate? ›

Before graduating from school, some students wonder if everyone must do a college thesis. You might hear various things, but the truth is a thesis is not always required from graduate students to complete their school programs. Of course, it depends on many things, including the type of study.

How long does a thesis take? ›

While the standard length of a master's thesis is around 100 pages, a doctoral dissertation can be upwards of 400-500 pages. While most students can finish their PhD dissertation or thesis in as little as 1-2 years, it can take as long as 7 years depending on the school, program, and dissertation topic.

Why is thesis important for graduate students? ›

For graduate and professional schools, it testifies not only to your persistence, but also to your mastery of research skills that are critical components of higher level study.


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