Why Do Wigs Cost So Much? You Won’t Believe The Answer! | Crafty Hair Hacks (2023)

Why Do Wigs Cost So Much? You Won’t Believe The Answer! | Crafty Hair Hacks (1)

If you’re looking to buy a new wig, chances are you’ve realized that most good quality wigs don’t come cheap, at all—in fact, they’re pretty damn expensive! I’ve done some research into why this is so, and the answer will surprise you.

Wigs are mainly expensive when they’re made with virgin Remy hair and have a lace wig cap. Human hair wigs can cost up to $700-$2000. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper. The average cost of a high-quality synthetic wig is $80. If it has a monofilament wig cap, it can cost $200, and if the hair bundles are hand-tied to the wig cap, it’ll cost $300.

Interesting, right? You’re probably dying to know more about why wigs cost so much so that you can make an informed choice—keep reading to find out why wigs cost so much and the benefits that come with spending some extra cash!

What Makes Wigs So Expensive?

Human hair wigs are expensive because they are made from real human hair, which means they are custom made, and this comes with added perks like a longer lifespan and more styling versatility. That said, the quality, design, construction, length, color, and style of the wig and the wig cap also contribute to the wig’s overall cost.

If the sheer cost of the wig you are intending to buy has you reeling, it may bring you some comfort in justifying your purchase if you know exactly what goes into the price of your wig and why it may just be worth spending that extra cash! Here are some reasons why your wig is so expensive:

The Wig is Made From Real Human Hair.

This is one of the biggest reasons your wig is costing you top dollar. In fact, the quality of the hair used in a wig determines around 50% of its price! When we talk about quality, we are referring to the source of the hair, how the hair is treated once it has been harvested and the methods used to put the wig together.

This type of hair will usually last longer than synthetic hair, which is made primarily from plastic fibers. Wigs made from human hair can cost anywhere from $250-$3000, especially if they are lace front wigs.


The Construction of The Wig.

Whether your wig is synthetic or real human hair, the construction of the wig cap is where the real work comes in. If you want a really realistic and natural-looking hairline, your best options are a monofilament wig cap or lace front cap construction.

In terms of price, you are looking at paying between $200-$400 dollars for a synthetic wig cap with the above natural constructions, and between $400-$3000 dollars for real human hair.

Wig Design & Installation.

This can also be extremely pricey. The design and installation of the wig determine how natural your wig appears, which we can all agree is pretty important.

The design of a wig alone can cost anywhere from $300-$750 alone! The job of the designer is to assemble the bundles of the wig and transform them into a work of art!

It’s really important that you first discuss prices and labor with your designer before agreeing to anything, as wig design can become pretty expensive very quickly!


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The Color & Additional Features.

As you may know, the wig needs a few vital additions to it in order for it to look fabulous! As can be expected, these things cost money. Some of these include length, coloring/highlighting. hairline, cap material, plucking, knot bleaching methods and styling.

Depending on the wig company, different customization techniques will be utilized—for example, some companies use salon hand-dyed wigs that are customized to the wearer. This feature alone can add on an extra $200 to the cost of the wig!

If you are looking for a wig that is made from the best of the above, you can check out Essence Luxe Couture for luxury hand-made wigs.

How To Know Your Wig Is Top-Quality

So by now, you may be wondering how exactly to tell if what you paid for your wig is what it is worth? Well, this isn’t exactly easy, as many wigs can be passed off as real when in fact they are not.

To test if your wig is a top-quality wig or not, touch it. If it feels smooth and more as your actual hair feels, then it’s human hair. If it feels hard and rough, then it’s synthetic hair. Human hair and synthetic hair smell differently when you apply heat to them, so if your wig smells like chemicals when you curl it, it’s probably synthetic.

The best advice I can give is to ask your salon professional or the person who is selling you the wig these 4 important questions:

  1. Was the hair used from one donor or many? Obviously, you want the answer to be that the hair was only sourced from one donor. If the hair was sourced from more than one, you know the hair is not 100% virgin Remy and is likely a mix of a variety of materials.
  2. Was the hair sourced ethically? In other words, were the women paid fairly for the donation, and were they in good health?
  3. Was the hair treated correctly? Once the hair is harvested from the donor, it is important that it is processed correctly to remove any lice or diseases for your own safety. This needs to be done properly with high-quality chemicals that won’t leave the hair with an odd smell.
  4. Has the hair been aligned so that each individual strand of hair is facing the same direction? The roots need to be aligned with the roots, and the tips with the tips. This is to ensure that the wig has a natural appearance and moves freely.

Insider tip: If your seller or salon specialist cannot answer these questions, despite the fact that the wig they are selling you is extremely expensive and is claimed to be real virgin Remy, I would certainly recommend looking elsewhere for your new wig.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Wigs: A Comparison

Before you make any decisions, it may be wise to first compare a human wig and a synthetic wig so you can make an informed choice.

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Human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs as they can be heat styled just as your natural hair can, which makes them look more like it’s your actual hair. That said, some synthetic hair is heat-resistant, but you still can’t style them the same way as human hair wigs as they will burn when exposed to high heat.

Here’s a table summarizing some of the key comparisons between the two types of wigs:

Human Hair Wig:Synthetic Wig:
Can be washed, straightened, blow-dried and conditioned with minimal damage.Most cannot be washed without damage, and unless heat-resistant, will burn when exposed to styling tools.
Won’t lose shine or softness.Is likely to lose shine and softness over time.
Lasts up to 1 year.Will only last between 4-6 months.
Can be colored.Cannot be colored.
Expensive.More affordable.
Has the tendency to become frizzy, limp or dry due to weather.Generally quite resistant to weather.
High Maintenance.Low Maintenance.

An important thing to note is that a synthetic wig can also look realistic and beautiful, you just need to know where to buy them! For gorgeous, high-quality wigs at decent prices, you can check out wigoutlet.com! They also have incredible specials, with up to 70% discounts.

Is It Worth Having My Wig Custom Built?

So you may have heard of a custom-built wig, meaning the wig is specifically designed for your head. As you may imagine, this will set you back significantly in terms of finances.

Having your wig custom built is only worth it if you have $1000-$1800 to spend on getting your wig custom made. If you only want to wear your wig for a special occasion, then purchasing a high-quality for much less will be more worth your while. If you suffer from hair loss or balding and need a long-term wig, it is worth the investment.

But is it worth it? Let’s take a look:

The Right Fit.

Having your wig custom-made means that you know the wig will fit your head correctly. While most wigs do come in different sizes, it is difficult to know whether or not it will match your specific head-size.

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The Right Hairline.

Having your wig custom-built means that your hairline will always look natural, and this is especially important for those of you who often wear your hair up or if you naturally have dark hair but your wig is lighter in color.

The Right Hair.

This goes back to quality and choosing the right hair for you and the wig. This means the hair is carefully selected, looks good, realistic and is durable. The right color, density and texture are also vital.

You should also be able to choose between human hair and a good-quality synthetic hair, as a natural-looking wig can also be made from synthetic fibers, so long as it is made properly. This can also give you the option of saving money!

The Custom Wig Company offers as many options for fiber quality and prices, meaning that you are able to select a wig style for you that matches both your features and your budget! Seems like a pretty cool option, right?

They even offer Wig Tech Support, meaning that as they build your wig for you, they guide you through the process from ordering to maintenance, as well as a complete Cleaning & Maintenance Service for your wig when it needs it!

If you really want this type of wig but cannot fit the full cost into your budget, they even offer a payment plan to help pay off the wig on a monthly basis, on your terms!

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing your wig, it is so important that you do not prioritize the cost over the quality! While a good-quality wig may end up costing you more, it is justifiable when you look at the different aspects that go into the making of the wig, that result in it looking beautiful and natural.


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